Chandler Walnut Tree

Chandler walnut tree is a California walnut tree variety known for its high productivity and good quality walnut kernels. It is very popular among farmers around the world.

Chandler kernels are smooth and round. Its outer shell is thin and it is easily breakably by hand..

chandler walnut tree

It is a lateral bearing walnut tree variety with % 85-90 percentage.

It has a light colored kernel with a percentage of % 90-100.

Chandler walnut tree walnuts weighs 13,4 grams on average, and its inside walnut kernel weighs 6,5 grams.

Chandler walnut tree size is moderate. Its height grows up to many meters and depends on how goodyou take care of your trees. Pruning is necessary for this tree every year in the early growing period.
Chandler walnut tree yield is very productive and it yields up to 13 tons per acre. Its pollinator is Franquette.
Collect walnuts in September
Good quality kernel.

Easy to break apart the shell.

Disease resistant variety.

We have Chandler walnut trees for sale and its price depends on season, please ask us by email.

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